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DXXDRICH was a Clothing line originally created by Lucky Walton and Vernon Jones back in 2013. The name DXXDRICH was actually created by Vernon Jones, but when Vernon decided that he wanted to do away with the name, Lucky decided to keep the name and build the brand himself; while Vernon created his own separate brand and business. 

From the the owner’s point of view, “DXXDRICH” can represent whatever you feel passionate about, however for the original founder, Lucky Walton, it means “Born Poor But We Will Die Rich!” It’s is a symbol of hope for those who were raised in poverty stricken environments and a symbol of continued drive for those born into success and want to carry on your family’s legacy. Whether born into Poverty or Success, DXXDRICH believes we can all become a success and leave a legacy of wealth, determination and prosperity for our loved ones and generations to come!

“To be Yourself is to Know Yourself” is the motto here at DXXDRICH. With this motto in mind, we strive to bridge the gap between different cultures, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds when creating apparel.  Here at DXXDRICH we strive to make a variety of clothing, from urban wear to high fashion, as we want our supporters to feel comfortable shopping and wearing our merchandise.

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